In the Gray Area Honnunar Mars 2011

~ Solo Show~
In the Gray Area for Design March Festival at
Icelandic Museum of Design and Applied Arts, Iceland
March 23 - May 29, 2011

By basing her works on human hair, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, a.k.a. Shoplifter, has set her mark on the art world. More than base material, the symbolic world and meaning of hair are an integral aspect of her visual creation. While constituting a vital part of our identity, and inextricably linked to ideas of vanity and attractiveness, hair can also stir unease – an indispensable device for conjuring dark imagery and dreadful characters surrounded by mystique.

That fine thread, hair, is ever more apparent in the works of Arnardóttir. She has collaborated with numerous prominent designers and artists, since her works exemplify the three pillars of fashion: sophistication, provocation and excess. The last one can often be attributed to profound personal interpretation of artists and designers, where absolute control over fabric, color and form is achieved. Arnardóttir is very popular within the fashion world, for example teaming up with renowned New York based stylist Edda Gudmundsdóttir. Furthermore, her collaboration with Björk for the cover of her album Medulla, is exemplary of the way her art and design transcends genres.

Arnardóttir’s clothing, masks and sculptures are unquestionably made from unconventional material, thereby answering the growing demand for recycling and eco-consciousness. Moreover, her works shed light on society’s ambiguous boundaries. The norms and customs of one culture can be rejected elsewhere; the concept of the beautiful and the grotesque, and the path that connects them, is often paved with lightheartedness and humor.